Adelaide Bank DocSend

Adelaide Bank DocSend is a secure, simple and fast document upload solution for submitting documentation to the Bank.

In a few quick steps documents can be uploaded and transferred to the appropriate area of the Bank for processing.

Once uploaded, documents are virus scanned, converted to a format suitable for the Bank's processing systems and routed to the correct destination.

Key Features

  • Large document capacity will cater for 800+ pages
  • Document merging eliminates the need for partners to merge multiple documents into one file
  • Optional e-mail notifications on successful transmissions
  • Real - time document upload tracking
  • Transaction history provides status of previous uploads including data export capability
  • Barcode generation for mortgage applications automatically appends uploads to applications in progress
  • Automated B2B transfer of documents from partner system directly to the Bank

For any questions about DocSend please call Adelaide Bank Partner Assist on 1300 791 679
Monday to Friday between 8am and 6:30pm (CST) or email